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Advanced Monitoring

Thanks to the Plug&Play system, our Smart Box data-capture devices can be installed in a matter of minutes without making calls on technical staff. This means our clients can undertake mass deployment cheaply.

By using the system’s automatic deployment tools, we can connect any machine or process line to The Cloud (Savvy Industrial Cloud) regardless of its site while ensuring the security of the platform and the facilities and machines being monitored

Savvy Smart Box allows the capture, encryption, transmission, storage and processing of data in a safe Big Data environment, applying a set of tools to the new deployment: control of alarms, the life-cycle of parts, spares, maintenance measures, real-time operational control, analysis of historical data, reports, and so on.

Some of the platform’s main features are:


  • Automatic Plug&Play deployment system that allows new environments to be hooked up and be up and running in a matter of minutes
  • Operational capability behind a Firewall using a Proxy
  • Multi-device access: Access by mobile devices, tablets and computers from any part of the world and at any time
  • On-line definition of connected machines
  • Management of alarms and micro-alarms
  • Drag&Drop design and configuration of display screens
  • Management of authorisations by users, indicators and screens
  • Reporting System
    • Daily report on the production line
    • End-of-Life Report
    • Alarms Report
    • Immediate Alarms
    • Exporting of both real-time and historical data graphics
    • Off-line downloading of data
  • Ability to define the frequency of data capture
  • Specific machines and production lines
  • Communication protocol tested where connections are unstable and prone to breakdown
  • Connection to any data source, thanks to the platform’s modular design
    • Fieldbus gateways (ModBusTCP, ProfiNET...)
    • PLC (Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley...)
    • CNC (Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens, Fagor, Fidia...)
    • OPC
    • Serial port
    • Structured files (XML, CSV, json...)
    • SQL
    • Personalised on-demand connection
  • Management of components and maintenance
  • Management of multi-level access (Administrator, Technicians, Users, etc.)
  • Remote updating of data-capture devices
  • Ability to analyse and compare historic data (Pro-active Maintenance)

Our solutions are oriented to inter-operability with other systems both at the plant and Cloud levels. Our API allows Third-Party applications to use accurate, real-time information:

  • Streaming Data
  • Data On Demand: Request time ranges, filtered by machine, factory, etc
  • Aggregated Data
  • Shop Floor inter-operability through any protocol (ModBusTCP, OPC...)